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In 1971 when the Child Care Week Committee (which became Children’s Week Association in 1979) was formed the focus for many of the activities were children in care of the Department of Children’s Service. These children were residing in large residential, family group homes and foster care.

The committee focused on the needs of these children who were not living with their natural parents. This was achieved by holding public seminars on child care related topics where workers were provided with training and opportunities to reflect on their practice. Media coverage was sought to highlight the plight of these needy young children.

Gradually the large residential’s closed down. The Children’s Week Association found itself widening its focus to not only be concerned about children in care of the Department but also children within the general community.

Linkages were formed with such organisations as Brisbane Kids, Creche & Kindergarten Associations Kindergartens, Goodstart Early Learning Centres, Government and Private Child Care Centres, Family Day Care Schemes, Playgroup Association, Neighbourhood Centres, Scout Associatiion, UNICEF,Save the Children Australia,, Church organisations and private and public primary and secondary schools.

The Children’s Week Association, an incorporated body since 1988 co-ordinates a range of activities conducted by these organisations during Children’s Week each year.

The aim of these activities is always to bring to public attention the value and the needs of young children. Organisations are encouraged to conduct a wide range of activities involving children and adults together. We celebrate the uniqueness and importance of children. Some regular activities have been:-

The Mall Program. Every day during Children’s Week children from various schools bring orchestras, choirs, dancing groups, and debating groups to the mall. This is a favourite activity that draws large participation each year. Kindergartens, Child Care Centres have open days where parents are invited to participate in activities with their children.


Presently our organisation has linkages with services that work with children with disabilities, children and families from non-English speaking background and Aboriginal and Islander people. This will not change.