Cheryl Vardon
Principal Commissioner Qld. Family & Child Commissioner

Queensland Family and Child Commissioner Children's Week Message

Message from the State Ambassador

I am, as always, honoured to take on the role of State Ambassador of Queensland Children’s Week for 2018.

This year’s theme, Children’s views and opinions are respected, is one that I value highly across the work of the Queensland Family and Child Commission and impress upon our stakeholders and government agencies to ensure the future well-being of our children and young people.

This valuable Article from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child should form the basis of all our work, policies and practice so we can ensure our future is fit for purpose for the next generations.

Through Queensland Children’s Week, I encourage you to review your processes and projects to value the views and opinions of children and young people and use their voices, messages and sentiments to inform your outcomes.

Queensland is a diverse state and our work should reflect this, as well.

I extend my congratulations to the organisers of Queensland Children’s Week for their tireless work in delivering this valuable program of events. In particular, I would like to thank Stephen Alderman, President of Queensland Children’s Week, for his contribution to this year’s program.

I am sure you will all enjoy the activities and events throughout the year.

Cheryl Vardon
Principal Commissioner
Queensland Family and Child Commission