About Children’s Week


Children’s Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia held around the fourth Wednesday in October. A diverse range of events and activities are organised at National, State and Local levels to celebrate the rights of children to enjoy childhood and for the wider community to rejoice in their talents, skills and abilities.

The aims of Children’s Week are :

  • to heighten community awareness of the needs of children;
  • to promote knowledge of services which are available to children and their families;
  • to stimulate education in quality child care and child rearing;
  • to increase communication between children and adults and to provide opportunities for children and adults to share enjoyable experiences.

In 2017, our mission remains the same and thousands of children and their families around the country are involved in activities and events through the participation of schools, playgroups, childcare, kindergartens, cultural groups, libraries, departments and community groups.

This year the celebrations during Children’s Week will focus on Article 29 from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

“Children’s education should develop each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest. It should encourage children to respect others, human rights and their own and other cultures. It should also help them learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people. Children have a particular responsibility to respect the rights their parents, and education should aim to develop respect for the values and culture of their parents”.

Universal Children’s Day is Wednesday 25 October and this will be an opportunity to remind society of the plight of many millions of children around the world who are denied the basic necessities of a happy childhood and the education to fulfil their potential. It also calls on us in Australia, to consider those environments which affect the lives and future of our own children.